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Since the era of Soviet, Russia has been a leading global destination for many MBBS students. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Russia takes 30 positions out of 100 universities that are ranked as the best. In addition to this, there are many pass-outs that are working in famous hospitals across the planet after studying in Russian Medical Universities.

  • One reason why Indian and other international students prefer Russia as compared to other countries is that its all universities are under the Ministry of Health and Education and fees are affordable too.
  • Second, a medical study in Russia is of high quality. In total, about 57 universities in Russia specialize in medicine out of which 15 of them teach MBBS in English. When a student decides to study MBBS in Russia in English medium, it takes them up to 6 years to complete the course. However, international students can get training for the Russian Language for one year to enable them to study MBBS in Russian Medium.
  • Indian students are among the many international students who are advantaged when they go to study MBBS in Russia. Medical Council of top countries together with WHO recognize all Russian universities that offer medical courses.
  • Russia is the best country for MBBS abroad and Doctors-ideal educational advisors are the top professional advisors to assist international students.
  • The ratio of teachers to students taking the medical study in Russia is 10:1 or 12:1.

Advantages of the MBBS Study in Russia for Indian and other international students enjoy a wide range of benefits after enrolling for a medical study in Russia. {Study MBBS in Russia for Indian students)

Study MBBS in Russia

First, international students are allowed to take a direct MBBS Admission, regardless of where they come from, without taking an entrance exam. Second, as mentioned earlier, the fee very low for students to afford. A student is only required to pay between 2.5-5 Lacs every year to study MBBS in Russia.   Also, the recognition of Russian Medical Universities by WHO and MCI makes it possible for the graduates to practice as an MBBS in India or any other country across the world. The increase in the number of international students who go to study MBBS in Russia is motivated by the quality of medical training and knowledge imposed by all the medical universities in the country. Other benefits include:  Every student is guaranteed a fully furnished hostel. Any student who meets the requirements of a scholarship during studies can get it. Medical insurance and medical treatment are given to students who study MBBS in Russia. They also get MCI screening-test-guidelines from the Doctors-ideal educational advisors with immense knowledge. Requirements for One to Study MBBS in Russia: By the end of the admission year, 31st December, every student should or should have attained 17 years of age. A candidate should perform well in science (biology, chemistry, and physics) in their 12th standard and attain at least 50% in an exam regulated by CBSE/State Boards or other acceptable bodies. Indian students must get eligibility in NEET exam to Study MBBS in India or Abroad. To know more get in contact with Doctors-Ideal educational advisors who are the official representatives of top medical colleges of Russia; Call 8010503035 (IND), +79515174507 (RUS) or visit for online application

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